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Join us for a class at The Inn Keeper's Kitchen. To register, call the Inn at 610-399-1390.

A Sampling of our Winemaker Dinners & Craft Beer Series

Craft Beer Series - pictures from previous events:
Bells Brewery & Canoe Ridge Wines (Apr'15) Pictures of Dinner
Stone & Lagunitas (Apr'15) Pictures of Dinner
Boulevarde & Deschutes (Mar'15) Pictures of Dinner
Mason-Dixon Battle (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
River Horse Brewery & Wine (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
Dogfish Brewery & Washington State Wines (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
Ommegang & Bells (Jan'15) Pictures of Dinner

Winemaker Dinner Series - pictures of previous events:
DeLoach Winery (Jan'15) Pictures of Dinner
Duckhorn Winery (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
Artesa (Mar'15) Dinner Menu

Craft Beer Series: Summer Wheats & Whites 7/1 7-9pm
Crab and Sparkling Wine 7/5 7-9pm
"Paul Hobbs Imports" Dinner 7/6 7-9pm
Wines of South Africa 7/11 7-9pm
Summer Sippers! Wines of Sonoma 7/13 7-9pm
Craft Beer & Wine Series: Allagash Beer & Trimbach Wines 7/14 7-9pm
California Wine Series: Monterey & South Central Coast 7/18 7-9pm
Rosť Wines! Summerís Special Treat 7/19 7-9pm
French Series: Wines of Loire & Rhone Valleys 7/25 7-9pm
Lobster Lovers! 7/26 7-9pm
Lobster Lovers! <--JUST ADDED 7/27 7-9pm

California Wine Series: Sonoma & Carneros 8/1 7-9pm
Napa vs Tuscany 8/8 7-9pm
Oregon Pinot Noir 8/9 7-9pm
Winemaker Series: Duckhorn's Decoy 8/12 7-9pm
Pacific Coast Series: Oregon Wines 8/15 7-9pm
California Dreaming: Russian River Wines 8/16 7-9pm
Pinot Grigio & Seafood 8/22 7-9pm
Lobster & Sauvignon Blanc 8/29 7-9pm
Crab and French White Wines 8/30 7-9pm
Central Italy: Great Caesar's Ghost 8/31 7-9pm

Early Autumn Harvest Dinner & "Green Wines of California" 9/6 7-9pm
Discover Spain: Rioja & Ribera del Duero 9/7 7-9pm
Pacific Coast North to South: Oregon, California, Chile 9/12 7-9pm
Classic French Cuisine & Classic French Wines 9/13 7-9pm
Super Tuscans 9/19 7-9pm
Winemaker Series: Caymus 9/23 7-9pm
Lobster Lovers!!! Lobster and Chardonnay. 9/27 7-9pm